Ravioli di Chianina in salsa di VinSanto, Hiro(変換後)

My name is Hiro and I was born in Kyoto, Japan. I started my career in a small asian restaurant in Osaka in 1991. As is the custom in Japan, I started in the bottom ranks and could barely conceive that I would become a chef.

Sooner than I could imagine, I did, and  in  1993 I went to work in Singapore in an Italian restaurant. I had so much fun working with Italian, Indian, and Chinese cuisine, but I knew that hadn’t truly experienced that authentic Italian taste.

Thus begun my adventure. I journeyed to Italy, started working in Sicily, Siena, and Perugia. Then I came to Montalcino in 1996 where I lived, and worked at an elegant restaurant apart of the winery of Brunello  for many years.  I also had family here in Montalcino so it became my children’s home town.

With a sprinkle of passion and a good portion of dedication I had finally mastered the art of  refined Italian cuisine, enriched with techniques in decorating, and presentation. To my experience I have added catering, and service as a private chef.

Though I had learned so much, I was still curios about the honesty behind the “Osteria” cuisine. In 2010 I came to Buonconvento and worked in two Osterias as a chef. To my great satisfaction I have finally unraveled the secret of the Italian mamma’s cooking! Since 2015 I work as a personal chef started around Montalcino, Buonconvento and Siena but now I also go London, Beirut, Japan or more.