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FoodArtE, New style of cooking classes

concentration, observation, sensibility and insight
Want to work again after returning home

In today's world where there is not a single day without food, what do people eat and how do they feel? In order to feel familiar with food, it is necessary to know what you are exactly eating, to be interested in it, and to enjoy it. People say that their children do not eat vegetables or have strong likes and dislikes, Do you know what those children are eating?

When our children were little, they would not eat the fruit or vegetables displayed on the table, but they picked the tomatoes that were in the garden even though they were a little green. Why is that? The difference between the tomatoes in the garden and the beautiful tomatoes I bought is,,, Is it just the taste?
Tomatoes in the garden are something they have helped with since I planted them. During the growth stage, they also helped taking off of side shoot or setting up props. They’ve been watching it since the flowers bloomed and withered, and the small green fruits were attached. They’ve been keep watching the green small fruit getting bigger, turns yellow, turns orange, turns red! What a joy!! I noticed that children eat exactly JOY. You can't start farming in one vacation, but I started food art cooking classes to share this "eating joy" with everyone. Let's use our hands and think together delicious food with familiar simple ingredients. Art never fails. Create your own dish with your "thoughts" for yourself, and for people close to you! Let's spread the circle of joy!

*1 lesson per day or per session, If you like to take more than 1 lesson, please apply separately.

** A gluten-free version is also available. Please let us know.

Fun and delicious, becoming an artist! Children are also welcome
What kind of FoodArtE lesson?
Focaccia Art Lesson
★ OK for kids

2 hours

Start to make dough, look and taste the ingredients, design your plate then make your own Focaccia Art!

Sushi Rice Art Lesson
★★ OK for kids

2 hours

It's good to learn how to cook Sushi rice and Japanese thin omelet! Let's make your own decoration Sushi plate!

Color Pici Pasta Lesson
★ Ok for kids

2 hours

We learn what colors can be made from what ingredients and work on the paper first
Decide the color and make color from food!

  • Margherita B
    It was perfect for resetting my mind. I forgot everything and enjoyed to make my FoodArtE like returned to being a child.
    Margherita B
  • Mark
    Would absolutely recommend Chef Hiro for any event. Hiro was extremely helpful throughout the entire process from menu creation all the way through service. Absolutely professional, fun, and most of all delicious food! Made our trip even more memorable.
  • Emily, Los Angeles
    Highly recommended if you want quality food. You can trust Hiro for your special day.
    Emily, Los Angeles
  • Susanna
    Thank you for the wonderful dinner at Montalcino. Your pigeon with vinsanto sauce was unforgettable and perfectly combined with Brunello, I still watering my mouth!! I highly recommended Hiro to all.
  • Tom, Los Angeles
    We appreciated all the effort that you did to make our wine tasting special. I would indeed recommend you to anyone and if we ever have another event!
    Tom, Los Angeles