Private Chef Hiro —

Private Chef, Personal Chef since 2015

Original from Kyoto, Japan. I live in Italy since 1995

I started my career in a small asian restaurant in Osaka in 1991. As is the custom in Japan, I started in the bottom ranks and could barely conceive that I would become a chef.

Sooner than I could imagine, I did, and in 1993 I went to work in Singapore in an Italian restaurant. I had so much fun working with Italian, Indian, and Chinese cuisine, but I knew that hadn’t truly experienced that authentic Italian taste.

Thus begun my adventure. I journeyed to Italy, started working in Sicily, Siena, and Perugia. Then I came to Montalcino in 1996 where I lived, and worked at an elegant restaurant apart of the winery of Brunello for many years. I also had family here in Montalcino so it became my children’s home town.

With a sprinkle of passion and a good portion of dedication I had finally mastered the art of refined Italian cuisine, enriched with techniques in decorating, and presentation. To my experience I have added catering, and service as a private chef. Though I had learned so much, I was still curios about the honesty behind the “Osteria” cuisine. In 2010 I came to Buonconvento and worked in two Osterias as a chef. To my great satisfaction I have finally unraveled the secret of the Italian mamma’s cooking! Since 2015 I work as a personal chef started around Montalcino, Buonconvento and Siena but now I also go London, Beirut, Japan or more.

What I do —
  • Margherita B
    It was perfect for resetting my mind. I forgot everything and enjoyed to make my FoodArtE like returned to being a child.
    Margherita B
  • Mark
    Would absolutely recommend Chef Hiro for any event. Hiro was extremely helpful throughout the entire process from menu creation all the way through service. Absolutely professional, fun, and most of all delicious food! Made our trip even more memorable.
  • Emily, Los Angeles
    Highly recommended if you want quality food. You can trust Hiro for your special day.
    Emily, Los Angeles
  • Susanna
    Thank you for the wonderful dinner at Montalcino. Your pigeon with vinsanto sauce was unforgettable and perfectly combined with Brunello, I still watering my mouth!! I highly recommended Hiro to all.
  • Tom, Los Angeles
    We appreciated all the effort that you did to make our wine tasting special. I would indeed recommend you to anyone and if we ever have another event!
    Tom, Los Angeles